Songwriter | Producer

Songwriter and producer, based in London, and also Nashville and Sydney, available for co-writes, collaboration, production and artist development.

NEWS November 2022: Poppy Fardell releases the single “Double Denim” co-written with Sue, Poppy Fardell & Jake Morrell on 11th November 2022. “Double Denim” was also produced by Sue.

Double Denim cover art


NEWS November 2022: Jake Morrell releases new single “Sixteen” featuring Emily Faye. Co-written with Jake & Emily and released on 4th November 2022, “Sixteen” was also produced by Sue.


NEWS October 2022: Poppy Fardell releases the single “Beer Budget” co-written with Sue on 14th October 2022.

Beer Budget cover art

NEWS September 2021: Jake Morrell releases acoustic version of his summer single “Sunkissed” co-written with and produced by Sue on 17th September 2021.

NEWS July 2021: Jake Morrell releases new summer single co-written with and produced by Sue called “Sunkissed” on 16th July 2021.

NEWS June 2020: Emily Faye’s new single “Fearless” co-written and produced by Sue, and Vic Allen’s new single “I Can” produced by Sue have both seen radio play on Country Hits Radio UK in June 2020 on Baylen Leaonard’s “The Front Porch” and Matt Spracklen’s “Country Hits Brits” shows. 

NEWS November 2019: Helen Shanahan’s “Unborn” produced by Sue licensed twice on iconic Australian TV show “Home And Away” 

NEWS November 2018: “Boom Tick” written with Jade Helliwell has won the UK Song of the Year award at the British Country Music Awards (BCMAs) 2018


Leanne Tennant – “White Lines” off Leanne’s new album Happiness Is… (Leanne Tennant & Sue McMillan) released July 2020. (Previous Album of the week on 2SER FM in Australia)

Vic Allen – “I Can” produced by Sue McMillan, released June 2020. (Played on Country Hits Radio “Country Hits Brits” and Vic was Matt Spracklen’s #hitsbritschampion on Country Hits Radio playing “I Can” every day for a week in June 2020)

Emily Faye – “Fearless” (Sue McMillan & Emily Faye), produced by Sue McMillan, released May 2020. (Played on Country Hits Radio “The Front Porch” and “Country Hits Brits”)

Emily Faye – “Leaving Looks Good On You” produced by Sue McMillan, released February 2020.

Helen Shanahan – “Unborn” produced by Sue McMillan, released September 2019. (Played on TV series “Home And Away” in Australia)

Jake Morrell – “Half Your Heart” off his new HOME EP (Jake Morrell/Sue McMillan), released March 2019.

Emily Faye – “Sucks To Be You” (Sue McMillan/Jess Thristan) released April 2019, “Little Bit Of You” (Emily Faye/Jake Morrell/Sue McMillan) released May 2019, “Barefoot” (Sue McMillan & Emily Faye) released July 2019, and “Looking For A Real Thing” (Emily Faye/Jake Morrell/Sue McMillan) released November 2019.Barefoot by Emily Faye artwork

Holloway Road “Autograph” and “Something Like This” off their new BROKE EP (Jack Cooper/Robert Gulston/Sue McMillan) released September 2018.

Jade Helliwell “Boom Tick” off her INFATUATION EP (Jade Helliwell/Sue McMillan) released May 2018. Winner – UK Song of the Year at the British Country Music Awards (BCMAs) 2018.